Different Types of Photographers

Different Types of Photographers - Different Types of Photographers

There are different types of photographers in the industry. Like most professions, photographers specialise in one type of photography or the other. Here are the most common types of photographers in the photography industry.

Fine Art Photographer

These photographers take artistic photos and sell them to people, art galleries, interior decorators, churches, banks, hotels,and so on.

Freelance Photographer

These are photographers that work on a job-by-job basis. They have more freedom than staff photographers and can make their schedules and choose the kind of work they want to do. Freelancers have the liberty of negotiating their terms even though jobs might not be consistent, but they get real value for their efforts. They are also not restricted in the kind of projects they undertake.

Commercial/Industrial Photographer

Commercial/Industrial photographers specialise in taking images used for books, advertisements, catalogues, and so on. They can take pictures of models, landscapes, buildings, machinery, workers, and products.

Studio Photographer

Studio photographers work by taking pictures of groups or individuals in their studio. They cover particular events, like weddings, religious or school ceremonies. Some studio photographers may operate large studios with staff incorporating various aspects of the photography business.


Photojournalists take shots of famous people and places as well as political and sporting events for newspapers, journals, magazines, or television. Photojournalists consider themselves to be journalists like reporters, columnists, editors, and so on. Some can be staff of one media organisation or work as freelance photojournalists.

The photography industry relies so much on the efforts and talents of photographers.Contact us for more information, suggestions, and details.

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