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For more information and further resources, visit these blogs about photography and related topics.

The LawTog

This blog offers consulting services to photographers. It is easy to get lost in the legal field when having a photography business. It helps professionals in the creative industry to find their way in business strategy, marketing, and the legal environment.

Depositphotos Blog

This blog is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in photography, design, and marketing. They provide tutorials, insights on stock photography, and interviews with famous photographers.

Women in Photograph

Women in Photography is a platform for female photographers. It aims to encourage them in their photography journey. They also provide inspiration and offer a place to show their work. Girl power!

The Fashion Camera

The Fashion Camera is the personal fashion photography blog of Liselotte Fleur. She shares stories and behind-the-scenes pictures as well as provides photography tips and answers on photography-related questions.

Feature Shoot

This blog is like an online photography magazine that features creative photographers and artists and their work.


The blog specialises in fine art, commercial, and street photography. It also provides insights into running a photography business.


The blog features fashion and street photography content around the world. The creator is Scott Schuman, a famous American blogger, and fashion photographer.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York is one of the most famous photography blogs. Brandon Stanton started it as a photography project in 2010. Today the blog has more than twenty million followers on social media.

Behind the Shutter

The blog started in 2011 and it targets various photographers who want to learn about the insights. It is an interesting and educational photography blog.

This website has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet. On average, the photos get 175,000 views per day and over 60 million in total.

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