When using the site, the following icons perform these tasks:


Displays the IPTC caption information, giving you details of what the picture is and where & when it was taken


Displays a preview of the image to further aid your selection


Allows you to download the high-resolution file to your desktop

Places the image in your Shopping Basket, where you can edit your selection before proceeding to the Checkout. This facility is provided primarily for non commercial users.

Adds the image to your lightbox, allowing you to select a number of images you want to look at simultaneously

Search Tips

  1. Select the category from the list displayed in the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the name of your search in the Name box. If you are unsure of the correct spelling, or you are searching for a particularly long name, enter the first few letters and our search facility will do the rest. For example, type ‘David Hass’ for the former Bay watch actor.
  3. If you know the Reference number, type that in here too.
  4. In order to narrow your search down further, or search for a picture from a particular event, use the Keywords box. If you want to find a picture of Wayne Rooney playing in his England strip, type ‘England’ here. Similarly, type ‘Coronation Street’ if you wish to make a search for the nations favourite soap characters.
  5. Browse through our library by date preference. If you require a picture from a specific period in time, enter the start and end dates here, and trawl our database for just the right image.
  6. Can’t find it? Call us, we’re here and can talk to you. We have thousands of images pre-dating the digital age and can scan on demand. Call +44(0)1723 501904 or email