Whether you require images for commercial, or for private use only, In-Focus can provide the right image at the right price. Here are some tips and terminology before you start.

The assignment

Decide how the image will be used, what size it will be reproduced, how large the print run will be, in what countries will it be distributed, how quickly do you require the image and how long will you need to keep it.

The cost

Service fee - most libraries charge a flat fee to cover research time, packaging, delivery, and other administration involved in fulfilling your order. You may well have to pay this irrespective of whether you reproduce any images. With In-Focus, you can browse through our library at leisure and, once registered, download our preview images to your desktop for pre-production, free of charge.

Reproduction fee (licence fee) - for the use of the image or images in a publication. The price will reflect the specific use of the image and is determined by how, where, and size the image is reproduced, rather than by what the image depicts. The more commercial your requirements, or the greater scope of your use, the more costly the fee.

The transaction

In-Focus operate an industry standard terms & conditions practice. Once you have negotiated a price, you are granted license to use the image or images. The reproduction fee that you are charged will cover a specific use of the image you reproduce. The license to use that image is granted upon payment of the fee. If you use the image for a purpose beyond the license, further permission must be sought from In-Focus, this will normally require an additional fee. Please note that certain categories require specialist license requirements, and you will be guided through these conditions with your In-Focus representative.

Finally, it is important to keep In-Focus informed on the progress of your projects.

If you are interested in licensing our photography, please email picdesk@in-focus.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1723 501904.

For further contact details please view our general contact page